InTechgrity Automotive Excellence has the honor of servicing many fleets in the Denver metro area.

Most fleet managers are wearing many hats. We are here to help. We will help you maintain your fleet by creating specific maintenance plans for every vehicle in your fleet.

From one vehicle to hundreds, our proprietary system will track your fleet vehicles so that we maintain them, rather than repair them.

Our staff is ASE certified. We are A+ rated with the BBB. We are AAA certified auto repair. That is a lot of letters. We seek accountability so that we can continuously improve and remain the very best in automotive/fleet maintenance.

Repair Data Delivery

Our proprietary system lets us provide you your repair data in any form you may need.

Need a custom report? We can do that. We will work with you on the data you want, in the form you need, on your delivery schedule. We can even tie in data from other fleet tools like fueling cards to help you manage your fleet vehicles more effectively. We can develop data extracts to allow you to upload your repair data into other fleet management tools. No more double entry (and the errors that inevitably come with it).

We can deliver your repair data in virtually any format. If your system allows for data upload, we can deliver your repair data in ASCII, CSV, Comma Delimited, XML, or DIF formatted files. If you prefer your data in an Excel spreadsheet, PDF format, or some other format, we will provide it to you.

Need a specific inspection process performed? We can build your inspection into our electronic inspection tool, and provide the inspections to you in hard copy, or electronically.


Fleet Maintenance

We offer:

  • A collaborative approach to fleet maintenance
  • Free pick-up and delivery
  • Local towing
  • 30 day net billing
  • Wholesale repair rates
  • Parts from multiple sources for the best pricing
  • D.O.T inspections
  • Custom reporting
  • Custom inspections

“As the Fleet/Facilities Manager with Bonfils Blood Center for over 9 years, selecting InTechgrity Automotive Excellence was my first action to provide Bonfils Blood Center with safety business continuity, and longevity for a busy, aging fleet. Since 2005, InTechgrity has provided a preventive maintenance program for Bonfils fleet of 45 vehicles ranging from NPR Box trucks and custom passenger shuttles to small sedans.”

Curt Larson, Bonfils Blood Center