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Advanced Technology for Fleet Service and Maintenance

In today’s repair world, advanced repair technology rules the day.

Our custom preventive maintenance (PM) tracking system allows our customers to set months and/or mileage PM intervals for specific vehicles, and for their entire fleet. Our reporting tool will then track the PM activity across all of our stores, and report when any vehicle is due, insuring that PM is performed in a timely manner. Excellent.

We have invested in the most advanced tools available to allow us to diagnose and repair virtually any vehicle problem. Our state of the art technology will reduce total repair costs, and more importantly, downtime for your fleet vehicles and lost productivity for your employees. Our ASE master technicians are trained in advanced diagnostics and will get your vehicles running at top efficiency with reduced downtime. We keep your vehicles running safely, and working to earn more for your company.

At InTechgrity Automotive Excellence, we understand that your profitability is reliant on your vehicles running right, so that your staff remains productively serving your customers. We help keep your team productive, by reducing vehicle failures and keeping maintenance costs down. We have found that proper maintenance extends the service life of vehicles, and reduces cost of ownership

Give us a call (303.993.0050), shoot us an email, or just stop by and see why so many fleet managers are simplifying their work, and achieving great results by partnering with InTechgrity Automotive Excellence.

We will be honored to help you.


“As the Fleet/Facilities Manager with Bonfils Blood Center for over 9 years, selecting InTechgrity Automotive Excellence was my first action to provide Bonfils Blood Center with safety business continuity, and longevity for a busy, aging fleet. Since 2005, InTechgrity has provided a preventive maintenance program for Bonfils fleet of 45 vehicles ranging from NPR Box trucks and custom passenger shuttles to small sedans.”

Curt Larson, Bonfils Blood Center